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Truths on How to Burn Calories

How to Burn Calories

Have you ever wondered what the importance of calories in your body is? Or how are they related to the rate of metabolism and how they become a factor in weight loss and fitness? Many people are really clueless on what calories are, how to burn calories and what they do to the body.

how to burn caloriesMetabolism and calories, what’s the relationship?

Metabolism is the process responsible in converting food into energy. Calories in food and in your drinks are converted into energy through a complex process so that it can be used by the body as a fuel to do movements and activities or just simply being alive.

Calories are related to metabolism as it feeds the process with energy to carry out basic functions such as your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. There are several factors that affect your BMR, these are the following:

  • Your weight and size. Your built or having larger muscles compared to ordinary people use a lot of calories to be burned up when working out or even at rest.
  • Your gender. Women generally, have more body fat compared to men burning fewer calories.
  • Your age. As you age, your muscle tone tends to decrease and your weight is almost accounted by fat which slows down the burning of calorie in the body.

Metabolism and weight

Weight gain is often blamed to slow metabolism rate. Since metabolism is a natural process in the body, it is also a compensatory procedure that deals with the imbalances in the body to meet and supply the energy required for normal functioning of your body. Most of the time it is you and what you do with your body are the one who should be blamed in weight gain. Skipping meals which later on develop to binging is only one of the many examples that you usually do to ruin your metabolism rate. To help increase your metabolism in order for you to have a faster way to lose weight is to eat small frequent meals everyday and be as active as you can to burn more calories.

How to Burn Calories?

Having not much control over the speed of your metabolism, calories burned can be controlled through amounts of physical activities you do.

Burn more calories through:

  • Regular aerobic exercise. Activities like running, walking or biking can be added in your daily routine spending at least 30 minutes to ensure many calories are burned.
  • Strength training exercises. Weight-lifting is one example of this activity. This is very important because it helps in building up your bone density and muscles strength.
  • Lifestyle activities. All the extra movements that burn calories fall under lifestyle activities.

Burning calories can be easy to some and hard to many. Either way, it will all boil down to your attitude and wise choices when it comes to losing weight and burning more calories. So, remember to keep these tips in mind if you want to know how to burn calories.

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Does Sweating Burn Calories – Some Interesting Information

Does Sweating Burn Calories

It is quite common to hear people say “Come on. Let us hit the gym and burn some calories by sweating it out”. This often leads to the question being asked “does sweating burn calories?” There is a commonly held belief and perception that a good and successful workout is all about sweating it out at the end of the workout session. But there are quite a number of people who really work very hard but then do not sweat it out like the other. Hence, the question does sweating burn calories may have a different connotation for them. Do they consider that the whole workout has been a waste of time and energy because they have not been able to find an answer to the question does sweating burn calories? Or does is indicate that the person who has not sweated has not put in the right kind of efforts or has not spent the right amount of calories? This is something that has been bothering a lot of people and so over the next few lines let us try and find answers to the question does sweating burn calories.

does sweating burn caloriesFirst and foremost before we find a suitable answer to the question does sweating burn calories, we have to understand the fact that our body is akin to an engine that never ceases functioning. The one common thing that happens when an engine runs is the fact that it generates heat. The same thing also happens with heat. This could be a vital clue in our efforts to answer the question does sweating burn calories. We should also understand the fact that the more we allow our muscles to contract the more heat we generate from our bodies. However, while heating is important for release of energy there should be an automatic cooling method or an inbuilt thermostat. If this thermostat was not there, our body would overheat and we would collapse within a few minutes and the question does sweating burn calories would have become very pertinent… Hence we should understand this functionality very clearly before we are able to answer the question does sweating burn calories or the common question does sweating help you lose weight.

There are quite many ways by which heating takes place inside our body. One such method is radiation. This happens when heat radiates for our skin when it air outside the body is cooler. The second method which could also be very important in answering the question does sweating burn calories is known as conduction. This is nothing but transfer of heat by direct contact with sources that are cooler than the body heat. Examples of such direct heat conduction are when we take part is exercises like swimming in cold water. Since the water is cooler than your body temperature it absorbs the entire body heat and prevents sweating. Another common method is known as convection. All the above methods could prove as good hints for answering the question does sweating burn calories. The last and most significant one is known as evaporation which many consider the best answer to the question does sweating burn calories. The skin with the help of sweat glands enables such heat to be evaporated into the atmosphere causing a cooling effect. This indeed is the best answer to the question does sweating burn calories and also the common question does sweating remove toxins.

Coming now to specifics, we have to understand the fact that in colder conditions the body does not need to sweat so profusely because of radiation and hence the question does sweating burn calories will have a different answer. However we do have a problem in hotter conditions, when sweating is the most important method of keeping our body cool. Further if there is high humidity in the atmosphere then it becomes all the more difficult for the body heat to evaporate leading to profuse sweating. This often leads to different answers to the question does sweating burn calories. So under the above circumstances the only effective ways of keeping the body cools would be through radiation and convection.

Now coming to the main question does sweating burn calories we have to understand that each and every person has a sweating pattern that is different. There are a lot of factors that influence sweating in a person because it could be influenced by the environment, age, gender and general fitness levels. Generally it has been found that women sweat much less when compared to men and hence if you as the question does sweating burn calories you are bound to get two different set of answers depending on the gender. Further one has to understand that as people start aging they sweat much less which could be due to lower fitness levels of old persons. Further there are other external factors that are important while answering the question does sweating burn calories.

Exercising air conditioning rooms or in a cooler climate then most certainly you are bound to sweat much less. Hence the question does sweating burn calories is too a general a question for a specific answer. Further sweating profusely or moderately also depends on the type of exercise you are undertaking. Hence, sweating alone is not the right indicator or answer to the question does sweating burn calories.

Conclusion – Does Sweating Burn Calories?

If sweating alone were to burn calories then you could as well sit in hot sun and sweat continuously and then find an answer to the question does sweating burn calories. However such an answer would certainly be wrong. Calorie burning is more about giving more work to your muscles and heart. The more your heart and muscles work the more you sweat and hence the question does sweating burn calories is entirely linked to the kind, type and period of exercise that you undertake each day.

Hence before we thoroughly answer the question does sweating burn calories we should be very clear about the various ways and means due to which sweat is generated by the body and various other factors. Hence generalizing it and give a straight jacket answer to the question does sweating burn calories would be a wrong thing to do.

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Are Calories Burned Climbing Stairs Significant?

Are Calories Burned Climbing Stairs Significant?

Are calories burned climbing stairs or is it just a waste of time and energy? This is a common question that we often come across from people who are in the habit of climbing stairs on a regular basis with the hope that it will go a long way in burning their calories. However, going by what we generally see in a gym it is quite unlikely that they will give a positive answer to the question are calories burned climbing stairs? This is because it quite possible that we will see some treadmills, weight lifting apparatuses and so on. So to expect the right answers to the question are calories burned climbing stairs would be too much to expect for. However, it is quite possible to see some bulky machine with a couple of stairs in it or at the most a few foot pedals that move up and down. This machine is referred to as stair climber and is considered by many to be the right answers to the oft repeated question are calories burned climbing stairs. This particular type of workout is known to burn out good amounts of calorie without the need to go in for stressful exercises that could damage joints, shoulders and other parts of the body.

There is no denying the fact that calories burnt climbing flights stairs is quite significant and it would indeed be a good practice to give up the habit of using lift as much as possible. There are quite a few studies which have proved that calories burned climbing stairs are quite significant. You could be in for a surprise to find out the amount of calories that could be burnt just by moving upstairs the flights of stairs. It is expected that to maintain optimum weight and fitness levels a person should spend at least 10 minutes daily on workouts. Since time is a constraint it would be better to look at workout that burn more calories within a short period. For such people the calories burned climbing stairs could be quite significant and hence it should be given the importance it deserves. Sitting in front of the computer and working for hours together may not be the right answer. The reasons why the amount of calories burned climbing stairs is much more is explained over the next few lines, In fact it compares very favorably with the amount of calories burned walking.

calories burned climbing stairsThe first the most habit that we should try and do away with is to avoid sitting hours together in front of the computer. If possible we should try and walk around a bit regularly after ever 30 minutes. The amount of calories burned climbing stairs is quite significant and not many people realize this simple habit. If you are staying in a high rise apartment you should try and cultivate the habit of climbing stairs, especially if your job involves sitting in front of the computer for hours together. This fact has been proven beyond doubt and would perfectly answer the question are calories burned climbing stairs. There are many reports and search findings to suggest that calories burned climbing stairs is much more than walking and also certain other types of resistance exercise. The biggest advantage with climbing stairs is the fact that it can be done at your own pace. Once you get a feel of the actual calories burned climbing stairs then you would most certainly reduce dependence on other types of calorie burning exercises.

The reason why calories burned climbing stairs is more is because of the fact that it increases the metabolism rate in the body. However, to have a lasting effect, it should not be done once in a while but should be a regular habit. You should look at the overall amount of calories burned climbing stairs before embarking on such an exercise plan. However, the amount of calories burned climbing stairs would also depend to a large extent on the amount of load that you are carrying and also on your weight. It is safer to start with a lower threshold limit and then go up gradually. People with heart ailments, hypertension and blood sugar should be careful because the calories burned climbing stairs of such people could be much higher and hence they need to be careful about this.

Best Place to Find Information On Calories Burned Climbing Stairs

The internet is the best place where a lot of information about calories burned climbing stairs is available. Before going in for such daily climbing of stairs you would do better to check yourselves with a doctor and take his sanction before undertaking such a job. Though it is a fact that calories burned climbing stairs is quite significant, it should not be at the cost of your health or by putting your vital organs at risk. People with arthritis and joint problems should be very careful about such activities because the calories burned climbing stairs may not commensurate the risk that is associated with such climbing of stairs. However walking down stairs is not much of a risk because it much less compared to the calories burned climbing stairs. Apart from the fact that the amount of calories burned climbing stairs is quite high, the fact also remains that such climbing activities if done on a regular basis increases the muscle coordination and helps the overall fitness levels. While it may not be a great exercise, there is no denying the fact that climbing stairs is indeed a good exercise because the calories burned climbing stairs are significant considering the simplicity and minimum effort that we put in. While there are many other methods by which calorie can be burnt this particular method is still famous for some people who believe in finding out answer to the question are calories burned climbing stairs.

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How To Increase Your Calories Burned Per Day

Calories Burned Per Day

For genetically obese people, it is very challenging to burn a high number of fats through diet and exercise. However, there is no easy way to eradicate unwanted fats that lodged in the abdomen, thigh and arms. In this manner, an individual should spend their time and a large amount of effort in order to be slim and stay healthy. Like in the reality show “the biggest loser”, obese or over sized people despite their gender, encounter various problems with regard to their weight. Obesity affects an individual holistically. As a result, they are utilizing ways how to increase the number of calories burned per day.

calories burned per dayHow to increase the calories burned per day?

This might be a simple question to ask, but its answers are very complicated. Proper diet is what most people recommend in order to eradicate fats in a safer manner. However, diet alone is insufficient, as exercise is needed in order to compliment the effect of diet. With healthy diet and exercise, an individual will most likely increase the calories burned each day. With this, searching for the most appropriate diet and exercise that suit one’s lifestyle is very significant.

Activities that increase calories burned per day.

Almost all activities can burn calories such as sleeping, walking, running, standing and even clapping hands and stamping feet. The difference in the calories burned per day lay in the intense and pace of an activity. For instance, a bowling or tossing a ball can burn for at least 177 kilocalories depending on one’s weight.  This is because the bigger or heavier an individual, the more calories he will burn. Hence, it is difficult to provide a specific amount of calories burned per day without the need to know the weight, pace, intense, type of activity and exercise’s span of time.

The following are just some activities and exercise examples that usually burn more calories and fats in comparison to other types of activities:

Cycling – this activity can burn calories for at least 236 -1489 depending on the pace and kilometers taken for an hour of cycling. The 1489 calories are burned for a 20 mile per hour of cycling. However, this can be increase if the speed is more than 20 mph.

Forestry – who could imagine that axing, carrying logs and manual sawing of trees can burn for 416 to 1582 calories? This is possible according to studies, but then again the amount of calories burned per day differs in the weight of an individual.

Boxing – some celebrities use this activity to reduce weight. 708 to 1117 calories are burned for an hour of boxing, but only 354 are burned in bag punching.

Different types of activities and exercises produce various results, so it is best to choose the most appropriate exercise through which an individual can lose more pounds.

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How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn ?

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn ?

Each activity has different effect in the speed of burning fats. The question that how many calories does swimming burn varies from several factors like weight, metabolism, height, pace or speed of the activity, as well as the hours of working out. There are a lot of factors that indicates the burned calories in each activity, so it is hard to provide precise calories burned each day for various activities. There are people who take swimming as a form of working out. In this type of exercise, almost all muscles are working as in every single stoke, the muscles in the hands and feet are forced to move.

how many calories does swimming burnThe challenge in swimming depends on the place or area of activity. For seas with high current and forceful tides, it is very hard to swim as it requires more energy. With this, the calories burned are high as stored fats are utilized in order to cope with the energy needed to combat the strong force of the current and tide. In this, some people might ask if how many calories does swimming burn. There are numerous aspects that need to consider prior to determine the number of calories burned in each activity.

So, let’s see How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn ?

This is a common question frequently asked especially those who are using swimming as a form of exercise. Some people believe that swimming does not burn more fats compared to other type of activities like treadmill exercise, walking, running, and biking. This is because of the cold water temperature that alters the fast mechanism in burning fats.

The answer of how many calories does swimming burn highly depends on the activity being performed. For instance, 155 pounds individual regardless of gender tend to lose 704 kilocalories if doing a fast freestyle swimming stroke for approximately 1 hour. However, these number of calories burned is reduced if the pace and number of hours swimming is lessened. Hence, the weight, pace and span of time in exercising highly affects the number of calories burned during the routine. Among the routines in swimming, it is the butterfly stroke that burn calories for as high as 1024 for 208 pounds individual. This is a large swipe in one’s weight. However, not all people feel the large amount of calories they metabolized during swimming.

The following are important factors for how many calories does swimming burn. There is no precise number of calories burned in each swimming session as it differs depending on the speed, span and intensity of the activity. The weight of an individual also determines the capacity of the body to burn calories. Hence, in order to have a good overview regarding the fats to be burned, it is best to seek for medical advices. In this, accurate information is gained, and reliable tool for calculating burned calories will be provided.

To conclude, different answers are available regarding the question: how many calories burned swimming?

List of swimming activities calculating calories burned while swimming

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The Effect Of Calorie Burner Activities To Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Calorie Burner

As people aged, the capacity of burning fats decreases. This is because the metabolism is affected with the age of an individual. As a result, people in their 40s tend to store more fats compared to those who are in their 20s. In this manner, the level or intensity of an activity that need to be executed varies from the age of an individual. There are many calorie burner routines an individual can choose from, and they are all effective in terms of burning fats. However, the pace might be different as the speed of eradicating fats differs individually.

Calorie BurnerWhat is the difference between fats and calories?

Some people might be wondering about the difference between the two. Undeniably, it is really hard to understand the various calorie burner activities if you do not have sufficient knowledge regarding the background and origin of fats; also, it is hard to understand different mechanism involved in losing fast if you are not aware of the problem’s causes. One key for the success in losing weight is the thorough understanding of the problem. Carbohydrates are taken from foods like rice, wheat, bread and many more. Calories are part of carbohydrates, and any excess of calories or carbohydrates is stored in the body as fats. Hence, foods high in carbohydrates should be taken in a minimum level in order to avoid continuous storing of fats in the body. In this, calorie burner activities help in augmenting the speed of converting fats in to energy.

The effect of exercise in the body

There are different calorie burner exercises that can aid in eradicating fats. Exercise helps augment the process of metabolism. In this, the consumption of energy increases, so the stored fats are continuously utilized to be converted as energy. In addition, with continuous workout, the body develops the muscles and burn more calories in order to use as energy. This is the simple principle behind exercising. Gym or video routines regarding losing weight help to stimulate the body to burn more fats through increasing the metabolism.

Calorie Burner Calculator

This tool could help in calculating the burned fats based in the activity and weight of an individual. Various online sites provide precise calorie burner calculator that accurately calculate the number of calories in the body. There is no need for manual calculation as the weight, pace and hours spent working out are the only figures that need to fill in to automatically calculate the calories burned each day.

In diet and exercise, there are no risks involve. However, they should be done in a healthy way in order not to exhaust the body and push it out from its limit.

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