Amount of Calories Burned Running

Calories Burned Running

One of the best ways to get rid of most calories is through running. Are you dying to know how many calories do you burn running? Since running is almost a total body work out, a lot of calories are needed to be burned so you can perform this activity. The calories burned running are extremely simple and fast.
Putting much of your attention in counting calories may not do you good. Most of the people who live a healthy lifestyle consume more calories compared to a typical person.

The only way they burn more calories is because of exercising.

There are a lot of calorie counters that you can use to estimate the calories burned running. but if you don’t have time to enter the data needed for the calculation, here is an easier way to look up your estimates for burning calories while you’re running. Check out this list which you can search for your current weight and see how many calories you burned through one mile of running on or off a treadmill.

  • 100 pounds – 1 mile – 65 calories burned.
  • 150 pounds – 1 mile – 100 calories burned.
  • 200 pounds – 1 mile – 130 calories burned.
  • 250 pounds – 1 mile – 165 calories burned.

Or check it using the metric system:

  • 50 kilograms – 1 kilometer – 45 calories burned.
  • 75 kilograms – 1 kilometer – 70 calories burned.
  • 100 kilograms – 1 kilometer – 90 calories burned.
  • 125 kilograms – 1 kilometer – 115 calories burned.

Healthy trail runningFor instance, you want to lose one pound from your weight, approximately 3500 calories are needed to be burned. An individual weighing 150 pounds needs to run 35 long miles just to lose one pound.

Many aspects of your everyday activities should stay constant like your diet, and routine of physical activity just to make the pound drop. The more you run vigorously, he more calories you burn running, more weight can be reduced.

This situation doesn’t happen to everyone of course.

Every person is unique so as their caloric needs, how much they burn, and the rate of their weight loss; just a gist to remember, be in better shape to get a continuous and stable calorie burn.

Calories Burned Running

Without doubt, running has a lot of benefits especially for your health. It can decrease your risk on developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many more. It can also help delay the aging process. It builds your muscle and bone strength, increase agility, and endurance. Breast cancer, stroke, and heart attack can be prevented just by adhering in running regularly.