How To Increase Your Calories Burned Per Day

How To Increase Your Calories Burned Per Day

For genetically obese people, it is very challenging to burn a high number of fats through diet and exercise. However, there is no easy way to eradicate unwanted fats that lodged in the abdomen, thigh and arms. In this manner, an individual should spend their time and a large amount of effort in order to be slim and stay healthy. Like in the reality show “the biggest loser”, obese or over sized people despite their gender, encounter various problems with regard to their weight. Obesity affects an individual holistically. As a result, they are utilizing ways how to increase the number of calories burned per day.

How to increase the calories?

This might be a simple question to ask, but its answers are very complicated. Proper diet is what most people recommend in order to eradicate fats in a safer manner. However, diet alone is insufficient, as exercise is needed in order to compliment the effect of diet. With healthy diet and exercise, an individual will most likely increase the calories burned each day. With this, searching for the most appropriate diet and exercise that suit one’s lifestyle is very significant.

Activities that increase calories burned per day

Almost all activities can burn calories such as sleeping, walking, running, standing and even clapping hands and stamping feet. The difference in the calories burned per day lay in the intense and pace of an activity.

For instance, a bowling or tossing a ball can burn for at least 177 kilocalories depending on one’s weight.

This is because the bigger or heavier an individual, the more calories he will burn.

Hence, it is difficult to provide a specific amount of calories burned per day without the need to know the weight, pace, intense, type of activity and exercise’s span of time.


The following are just some activities and exercise examples that usually burn more calories and fats in comparison to other types of activities:

Cycling – this activity can burn calories for at least 236 -1489 depending on the pace and kilometers taken for an hour of cycling. The 1489 calories are burned for a 20 mile per hour of cycling. However, this can be increase if the speed is more than 20 mph.
Forestry – who could imagine that axing, carrying logs and manual sawing of trees can burn for 416 to 1582 calories? This is possible according to studies, but then again the amount of calories burned per day differs in the weight of an individual.
Boxing – some celebrities use this activity to reduce weight. 708 to 1117 calories are burned for an hour of boxing, but only 354 are burned in bag punching.

Different types of activities and exercises produce various results, so it is best to choose the most appropriate exercise through which an individual can lose more pounds.