How Many Calories Burned Cycling ?

How Many Calories Burned Cycling

People who are overweight and obese are planning to lose pounds in weeks or months. However, losing weight and eliminating fats are very challenging as there are factors that influence weight loss. With appropriate exercise and diet plan, the body is reducing weight in a safe way.

There are no commercialized pills and invasive procedures needed in order to have a fabulous body. For each exercise partnered with apt diet, calories are burned in a most effective way. The speed of calories burned cycling is different from calories burned while swimming, walking and dancing.

The factors affecting weight loss

The explanation behind the difference between the calories burned while cycling and other activities are the various factors that directly influence weight. The following are some reasons about weight loss difference: age, lifestyle, type of workout or activity, caloric intake and genetics (metabolism).

People who are member of family that are usually fat, their metabolism are slower compared with others. Hence, no matter how they perform various exercises like biking, their calories is small compared to those people who have fast metabolism.

How many calories burned during cycling ?

Use this simple calculation. to figure pounds removed during cycling activity differs in weight and number of kilometers and speed taken during the exercise. For a less than 20 mile per hour, a 130 pounds individual can lose for approximately 502 calories.

However, for heavier people, 281 to 372 calories burned cycling. Hence, in order to know accurately how many calories do you burn while cycling, measure the weight and number of miles taken each day. An individual can burn for at most 738 to 1163 of calories in biking vigorously. This is usually achieved in an hour cycling activity. However, this depends on the intensity or extremeness of the exercise whether it is just a leisure type of biking in a class at 10 mph or a very fast bike racing on the road.

For people who want to have ideas whether they are obese or not, the body mass index is very much helpful. It provides accurate information in classifying obesity. Knowing the status of one’s weight is necessary in order to determine which effective activity will be used in burning calories.

BMI is a comparison between the weight and height of individuals. In this, necessary calories burned cycling will be distinguished leading to a healthier way of losing weight. For individuals with normal weight, vigorous exercise is unnecessary, as they do not need to burn more fats. In this case, exercise like cycling or biking is used in order to have a healthier body and to reduce the risk for chronic diseases.