How Many Calories Do You Burned Walking?

How Many Calories Do You Burned Walking

Walking is probably the most rewarding and easiest way to burn off calories. The benefits of walking are somehow underappreciated by most people. An excellent non-strenuous way to help fight excess weight and eliminate fat, and if you just to maintain fitness, you should consider walking…

One of the most promising benefits of walking is the “calorie-burning” effect. The question now is “how many calories do you burn walking?” Let’s find out…

Calories burned walking

The amount of calories that you can burn through walking can be affected by several factors. The two most important factors that greatly affect this is the rate of walking and your weight. For instance, walking at the speed of 2 miles per hour, fewer calories can be burned compared with a person who weighs as much as you but walks at a speed of 4 miles per hour.

A good walk routine should start with short distances of walking then gradually increasing it in to longer and farther distances. By doing this regularly, burning more calories will not be the only benefit you will get out from walking but also making yourself healthy and fit.

Although more people choose to do more vigorous exercises like running or jogging, and lifting weights because they believe that the intensity of these activities would speed up the process of burning more calories but that is not necessarily the point. What they do not know is that the intensity that they put in to these workouts make it impossible for them to stay on it for a longer period of time thus they end up spending less time to burn more calories compared to walking.
In walking, you can go on and on for a longer period of time resulting to more calories burned than going through extraneous exercises that you cannot last long.

Weight and counting calories burned

Knowing that one factor that affects the amount of calories burned is your weight. The more that you cannot compare how many calories you burn walking with others since everyone has different weights. For instance, a lighter individual can burn fewer calories as compared to weightier individuals.

Weight, speed, and calories burned

Calories Burned WalkingRelating weight and speed of an individual while walking, we can determine the calories burned. For example, a person weighing 175 pounds and walking at a speed of 3 miles an hour can burn approximately 5 calories per minute.

Therefore if that person walked for 30 minutes a day he can burn a total of 150 calories, and for 5 days a week, can burn as much as 750 calories per week.

Counting the calories burned walking can make you fully aware of the activities that can really benefit your health and fitness. So stop asking how many calories you burn walking, instead start your walking plan now for the benefits that will keep your health in its optimum level!