How Many Calories Do I Burn When Exercising?

How Many Calories Do I Burn When Exercising

Men and women are undergoing various activities in order to get rid of unwanted fats that deposited in their body. It cannot be denied the fact that fats lodged in the abdomen are very hard to eliminate. In this, men or women need to experience tiring diets and exercises just to have a fabulous body that most people wanted. Time, effort and perseverance are needed in order to achieve one’s most aspiring contour.

However, they should choose the most appropriate program that suits their personality and lifestyle for it to be more effective. Any activities through which an individual enjoys tend to lose more weight rather than those who are just doing the routines and diets without even experiencing the happiness felt during the sessions.

Most people ask themselves: How many calories do I burn if I commit myself to dieting or twice a week gym exercise? The answer depends on various factors.

How many calories do I burn?

The means of burning calories comes in various forms, but the most common one is through exercise. Nevertheless, each type of exercise also has different number of calories burned. The answer for this question varies from person to person as there are number of factors to consider.

Factors affecting the calories burned for each activity.

Calories Do I Burn When ExercisingThere are various types of exercises. Walking is a slow but effective way of burning fat. Men can burn for approximately 377 calories for an hour of walking while women have the capacity of burning calories for about 323.

However, these number of calories burned diverges depending on the weight of an individual and speed of walking. On the other hand, people who are running use to burn more calories than those who are walking.

This is a simple illustration of the difference between the type of activities and the calories burned. An average weight of men and women who is running for about 10.9 miles per hour burns approximately 1551 and 1331 kcal respectively.

In searching for various easy means of burning calories, the weight of an individual highly affects the number of calories to be burned hourly and daily.

Hence, in order to know the number of calories burned each day, calorie calculator is a helpful tool. It calculates the calories burned concerning the weight, pace and number of hours of working out. For running, swimming and walking the number of calories burned varies. Hence, to answer the question “how many calories do I burn when exercising?” use the calorie calculator tool as it provides you accurate data regarding the number of burned calories each the day.