How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

Each activity has different effect in the speed of burning fats. The question that how many calories does swimming burn varies from several factors like weight, metabolism, height, pace or speed of the activity, as well as the hours of working out.

There are a lot of factors that indicates the burned calories in each activity, so it is hard to provide precise calories burned each day for various activities. There are people who take swimming as a form of working out. In this type of exercise, almost all muscles are working as in every single stoke, the muscles in the hands and feet are forced to move.

The challenge in swimming depends on the place or area of activity.

For seas with high current and forceful tides, it is very hard to swim as it requires more energy. With this, the calories burned are high as stored fats are utilized in order to cope with the energy needed to combat the strong force of the current and tide. In this, some people might ask if how many calories does swimming burn. There are numerous aspects that need to consider prior to determine the number of calories burned in each activity.

So, let’s see How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn ?

This is a common question frequently asked especially those who are using swimming as a form of exercise. Some people believe that swimming does not burn more fats compared to other type of activities like treadmill exercise, walking, running, and biking. This is because of the cold water temperature that alters the fast mechanism in burning fats.

The answer of how many calories does swimming burn highly depends on the activity being performed. For instance, 155 pounds individual regardless of gender tend to lose 704 kilocalories if doing a fast freestyle swimming stroke for approximately 1 hour.

However, these number of calories burned is reduced if the pace and number of hours swimming is lessened. Hence, the weight, pace and span of time in exercising highly affects the number of calories burned during the routine. Among the routines in swimming, it is the butterfly stroke that burn calories for as high as 1024 for 208 pounds individual. This is a large swipe in one’s weight. However, not all people feel the large amount of calories they metabolized during swimming.

The following are important factors for how many calories does swimming burn. There is no precise number of calories burned in each swimming session as it differs depending on the speed, span and intensity of the activity.

The weight of an individual also determines the capacity of the body to burn calories.

Hence, in order to have a good overview regarding the fats to be burned, it is best to seek for medical advices. In this, accurate information is gained, and reliable tool for calculating burned calories will be provided.

To conclude, different answers are available regarding the question: how many calories burned swimming?